UPDATE:  NA2 and NA3 are being upgraded August 10 from 8 PM PDT until 1 AM.  Thank you Lisa and Darcy for the info.

Summer_07I got notice recently that my org of Salesforce, NA1, will be upgraded to the new Summer 07 release on August 3, from 8 PM PDT until 1 AM. 

If you haven’t seen what’s coming yet in this release, here are some great resources to check out.

Feature details
Admin Preview (pdf)
Detailed Release Notes (pdf)

One of the greatest features Salesforce has added to the Release Notes is the Summary of Features and Impact on Salesforce users that you can find on page 3 (literal page 5).  This helps administrators map out what change this upgrade will have on their users the next time they log in after the upgrade.  Be sure to check that out.  And to Salesforce, thank you very much for adding that feature in Spring 07!

I have accounts on NA2, NA3, and NA4 so when I hear about them being upgraded, I’ll let you know as well, but if you get word on any other dates first, please drop me an email.

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