Face it, conference calls are a necessary part of doing business, but most of us don’t like the process of joining them. Which number do you dial? How long is the pause before you can input your meeting number? What IS your meeting number? Is it the pound symbol and 1 or do I just wait? And then if you get disconnected, the cycle starts again. Some people literally run from call to call, day after day and they’re facing that annoyance more than is necessary. And if they’re sales people, after the call is done, they need to log into Salesforce and get that call logged. This whole process used to be a huge pain, but it doesn’t have to be. Enter MobileDay, with a new feature for Sales.

MobileDay just announced a new integration to Salesforce for their already popular iPhone app. Now your calendar invites to conference calls, whether you’re the host or a participant, automatically get into the MobileDay app so you not only see your meetings at a glance, you can tap one button to join in, and even auto-populate meeting information to “Log a Call” or a “New Task” in Salesforce, all in one app. This is huge. Here’s how you can do it.

Download MobileDay, it’s free. Let it connect to your Calendar, Contacts and Location. If you’re the host of a meeting, add your Host information and you’re done. Whether your meetings are WebEx, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, Skype, FaceTime or any ordinary audio conference, you’re one tap away from joining your meeting. Set your preferences to get a push reminder when to join your meeting and it’s just that easy. Depending on what type of meeting you are going to, you are given a few choices to enter the web meeting, which auto-joins you through the native app like WebEx or GoToMeeting. If all you want is to call in, just tap the phone icon and you’re there. The other feature that’s huge is the “Running Late” button which lets you pick which participant from your call to send an email to, and pre-populates the email with “I’m running 5 minutes late”.

The new MobileDay Sales integration to Salesforce is a premium feature for $5.99 a month, but the time saved by mobile professionals is recouped almost immediately. When you upgrade to this premium service, you can set the auto-update of your calls into Salesforce as Activities, quickly send customized messages to your meeting attendees via email or text message, and customize your “My Daily View” within the app.

I’ve tried MobileDay before and it is super convenient. I specifically remember one particular meeting where I was running late, needed to get on the road the the airport, but MobileDay got me going with just a tap and I was on my way. These days, most of my conference calls are taken from my home office, but it would sure be nice to have something similar on the desktop, to speed up the process of joining meetings. On the road, with an iPhone, MobileDay is absolutely the way to go. The new feature for Sales is great to see. Who do you know that should try out MobileDay? Is it your sales team or is does it start with you? Go check it out now and give your fingers a rest.

MobileDay is also available on from the Google Play Store for Android, though the premium feature for Sales is not yet available for that platform.

Photo Credit: fotobananas via Compfight cc